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welcome to completely holistic fitness

maidstone. rainham. bearsted. bexley. kings hill. kent.

Sally became so passionate about the importance of not only achieving but, maintaining good health that she has now set up Completely Holistic Fitness.

She now teaches Yoga and Pilates full time and admits that she loves her job at Completely Holistic Fitness. Sally remains passionate about encouraging others to have fun and to enjoy every aspect of their own unique selves whilst they move, breathe and smile their way through all of her classes!

Attending a class with Sally now offers you the chance to look after yourself in an environment that allows you the time to listen to your body. Respect and respond to what you find and slowly develop a style of movement that encourages a combination of strength and flexibility in both your body and your mind.

To complement the benefits of Yoga and Pilates, Sally also recommends massage therapy to continue the detoxing and purifying effects in the body.